Thursday, October 6, 2016

Michigan Archaeology Day

Hello, Tommy here with a blog from Michigan Archaeology day. 

Michigan Archaeology Day is a chance to meet professional archaeologists, to learn of their research and adventures, and to see one-day-only exhibits from their archaeological digs and underwater archaeological explorations. There are demonstrations, presentations, children's activities, exhibitors, and special displays. The event takes place at the Michigan History Center in Lansing. 

Attendees stop by our booth this past Saturday.
(Photo credit: Genna Perry)
I attended Archaeology Day along with other members of the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project. We had a booth set up with an artifact case with findings from the 2016 field season. We were also showing the GoPro video that Austin made during the 2016 field season. If you are interested in viewing the video, check it out here and don’t forget to take the survey that goes along with it.

Archaeology day was a great experience! I really enjoyed seeing all of the different booths; my favorite booth was the flint knapping demonstration. Flint knapping is the process in which stone tools were made from. I also had a chance to use an atlatl, which is a spear thrower that would have been used for hunting. I like that archaeology day takes place in the Michigan History Center because it’s nice for people to have something to look at and interact with besides the booths.