Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Awesome Day at the Site!

Down to the B-Horizon/subsoil.
Theresa and I with our unit!
Hello there boys and girls. Another successful day at the site. My partner, Theresa, and I are almost finished with our first excavation unit. We have been diligently excavating for about a week. We've found a handful of artifacts but nothing quite as cool as some of the other archaeologists on our team. They have found some really neat arrowheads, cores, flakes and bones. We will continue on with hopes of the awesome finds to come. I am learning a lot about excavation techniques and what it takes to be an archaeologist.

I would like to point out how awesome the community is here in Niles, MI. Special thanks go out to Mary Ellen (the Cookie Lady) and Margaret, who invited the whole crowd of us to their houses for dinner and a pool party. Once again, thanks.
The well-fed crew with our gracious hosts.

Bryan Bommersbach

Photo credits Cathrine Davis

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