Saturday, September 24, 2011

New School Year, Same Old Fort

Hi, everyone!

While the field season has ended, work here at Western Michigan University continues. It's Erica Stone again, and this year I am the new Fort St. Joseph Museum intern. Right now, the annual field report is being written, float samples taken from excavation units are being processed, and the lab work has begun!

A few of our archaeologists are taking independent study credits, and a few others are volunteering their time in the lab as well. They will also be posting on the blog throughout the semester, so stay tuned in for that!

I am currently working on a new brochure for the project, and hope to have that done and circulated within the month.

Some more good news: we have a new lab space! The anthropology department has created a new lab space located on the main level of Moore Hall. There is a wonderful mural painted around it as you enter the building, and a large window in the center of the mural allows people to see just what we do in the lab . We are hoping this space will allow us to work more efficiently as well as raise awareness for the "behind the scenes" of archaeologists.

Stay Tuned!

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