Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Archaeologists Move In!

Our move to Niles today was a success! We came into town around 10 o’clock and were settled into our house by about noon. The house seems to be more than enough for us with room for us to have our own living space, lab area, and a kitchen.  After getting settled in and eating lunch we took a drive to the Fort St. Joseph site. We met with Prism Environmental Services and learned about the process of taking soil samples and what they will be testing those samples for. We also met Juan Ganum and discussed plans for the site this year. We then continued with a tour of the site seeing the fort site, the granite cross marking Father Allouez’s grave, the rock across the street with the Michigan historic sign, and finally the Lyne site. Following our tour we started to get to work.
Alex, the leader of our clearing crew.

 Today we were able to clear a path to the Lyne site and an area for our excavation for the next few weeks. This week is also the beginning of the Public Lecture Series on Wednesday at the Nile District Library at 7pm with Dr. Doug Scott who will be presenting on “Shot and Shell Tell the Tale: Some New Interpretations from Military and Battlefield Archaeology.” This Thursday we will also have a booth at the French market. We would love to meet more of the public so come on over! Keep checking in for our daily updates, and we hope to see you soon!
Joe teaching students how to use the total station.


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