Friday, September 7, 2012

Stay Tuned Folks! More Updates From The Lab Coming Soon!

This is me, supervising in the field....we'll go with that.
      We hope that you enjoyed this past field season as much as we did. We're back at Western Michigan University once again after a very successful two months of field work. Now it's time to start analyzing the data we collected and see what we can learn! There are soil samples to run through the flotation machine and sort, artifacts to inventory and evaluate, data to enter into our software system (Past Perfect), publications to put together, and, of course, start planning the next field season! A handful of students (and some old and new faces) will be working in the lab under the supervision of Dr. Nassaney and myself. We will continue to update you throughout the year on special events, lab goals and achievements, new discoveries, and other announcements and publications. Thank you again for your constant support and vested interest in the preservation of the past. We'll update you on a regular basis, so make sure you bookmark our site and visit again soon!

                 Alex Brand

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