Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Deluge of Difficulties

FSJ Friends,
            I hope you are all staying dry! Throughout the last week, most of the nation has been getting a lot of rain. While there has not been as much rain here in Niles, we are having a few water issues on the Fort St. Joseph floodplain. As you can see in the photos, it is a little wet! Because of this, we have shifted our focus back up to the Lyne Site on the terrace. We began our 2015 excavations at the Lyne Site and identified some eighteenth-century material. While we are slightly disappointed that we cannot currently work in the floodplain, we are at the same time excited to open new excavations on the terrace. This year’s students have been doing a great job and have truly enjoyed the outreach activities that they have participated in. 
Archaeology at the floodplain is going "swimmingly" (photo by Aaron Howard)
             Other exciting news includes the identification of an architectural feature in the floodplain. This feature requires more investigation which will take place once the river recedes or in a future field season. Despite these difficulties the Open House is moving along nicely and we cannot wait to see everyone there!
             Please keep dry weather in your thoughts!

-Erika Loveland

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