Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello again everyone! 

After coming home from field school this past July, I knew that I wanted to stay involved with the project as much as possible, so I decided to take on an independent study under Dr. Nassaney along with a few other students from this past season. One of the tasks I’ve been focusing on for my independent study is working on a voice over recording for a video geared towards our week-long middle school camp held annually each summer. 

Liz showing the video to a fellow student 

Previously in the season, Stephen Ketner came out to film some of our middle school campers. Steve used some of this footage to piece together a promotional video called “Get Dirty!” The project is planning on distributing the video to the Niles area schools to get middle school students interested in our summer camp. This video highlights some of the best parts of our summer camp program, including how to identify, care for, and preserver artifacts. I spent about an hour in the studio with Steve recording the script that myself, Becca, Gary, and James worked on this summer. A few months ago, I was able to view the finished product of the video and it looks great! Keep an eye out for this video and make sure to contact the Fort St. Joseph Museum in Niles to find out how you can register your middle school student for our summer camp. 

You can watch the video here: 

Get ready to get dirty!
-Elizabeth Mantyck

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Anonymous said...

At the 1:24 mark it was stated: The Fort was abandoned in 1781 after the French and local Indians..... I believe you may want to change it to Spanish and local Indians.
The video looks great and should definitely stir the interest of the Middle School students.
Great Job!!!!!