Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fun on the River

Dragon Boat on the St. Joseph River
Hello Everyone!  My name is Dion Wright and I am an undergraduate student at WMU majoring in Criminal Justice and Anthropology.  I am currently enrolled in Dr. Nassaney’s class “Anthropology in the Community” (ANTH 5030) and in the class we have selected different topics to research pertaining to the St. Joseph River.  Some students are looking at various forms of transportation, Native uses of the river, and the way industry has relied on the river.  I have been tasked with highlighting recreational uses of the St. Joseph River and I can say the river has a lot to offer.  We have gained our knowledge through various means, including oral accounts, town histories, independent studies, speaking with community partners, visiting museums, reviewing published accounts and more. 

While conducting my research I have found that the river provides a multitude of fun and exciting opportunities.  Anyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits of the river in terms of fishing, casually observing, or even having a picnic along the river.  While those are some events that can occur among family and friends, there is also an annual community event called “Trails and Ales” that provides an excellent opportunity to partake in activities in and along the river and allows citizens of Niles to meet others in the community.  Trails and Ales is an event in Niles(formally known as “Riverfest”) that host activities such as fishing contests, dragon boat races, barbecue contests, car shows and more.  Whether you’re looking for a great bonding opportunity amongst family, fun with friends, looking to meet other citizens of Niles, or looking for a place to enjoy the company of a date, the St. Joseph River provides ample opportunity for just that.  With that said, if you are a member of the Niles community I strongly encourage you to visit the St. Joseph River at your earliest convenience as many fun and memorable experiences await you!

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